My blog covers my personal journey with Coeliac Disease

COVID19 and working from home with Coeliac Disease

At a Friday in March, I had my last working day in the office. Adjusting to the new normal had been easy on many levels but after months of working remotely full-time there have also been some drawbacks. I remember seeing my colleagues in the Department, taking a few books from a shelf in the…

What is life with Coeliac Disease like?

As many autoimmune disorders and chronic illnesses in general, Coeliac Disease comes in many forms and shapes. Having struggled to find those living with the disease who are physically or emotionally challenged by it every day, I like to stress we exist! When I have a conversation about Coeliac Disease it often goes like this:…

Undertaking a PhD and Coeliac Disease

Or: can you do research in Business and Politics looking at your own disease? After completing my master’s degree, I thought about the possibility to remain in higher education to qualify as a PhD researcher myself but decided against it. It sounded exhausting to deal with a research project and my Coeliac Disease. Until one…

Hello. I am Anne Steinhoff. Welcome to my blog.

I used to work in Finance. Now I research stories about being at work with chronic illness When people hear about illness, they expect that life changes over night and that you get better again or that the illness is terminal. The thing with chornic illnes is that it almost never follows any logic. In…

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