Hello. I am Anne Steinhoff. Welcome to my blog.

I used to work in Finance. Now I research stories about being at work with chronic illness

When people hear about illness, they expect that life changes over night and that you get better again or that the illness is terminal. The thing with chornic illnes is that it almost never follows any logic.

In my case, my body changed slowly and I lost everyday freedoms over years. One day, I woke up and the changes had added up to the feeling of being imprisoned in a body that did not know how to function any longer.

I got diagnosed with Coeliac Disease at hospital months later but the inital cure I was promised through a gluten-free diet has not been my reality. Instead I worked hard, was disciplined and learnt to accept limits. No person experiences the same journey with illness and Coeliac Disease is no difference.

Through this blog, I share my journey with Coeliac Disease. This includes my personal lessons that I have learnt but also the experiences I am making in my professional life as a researcher in training. But foremost, it is a resource to provide details on the research I undertake when speaking to others who live and work with Coeliac Disease. At the end, every story is an experience to learn from.

Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

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